Houston, We Have a Goat

Ahhh, technology! Somehow, someone hijacked one of the email addresses I use for P@yPal, so now I can't receive payments. I think I have fixed it by rearranging stuff in my account, but how weird is that? I don't suspect foul play because the person who messed up my account basically linked their information to mine, so I know exactly who it is. Maybe a change in password is due, though I have no idea how this person could have figured out mine.

In other news, our new dog is really a goat. I have no other explanation for this "dog's" eating habits! He'll eat just about anything that is left on the floor, including paper, pens, markers, barrettes, crayons (one of his favorites), pencils, bluetooth ear pieces (I was particularly thrilled with that one), lettuce, tomatoes, plastic toys, stuffed animals, books and candy. There's more, but you get the picture.

My life is now complete.


Anonymous said...

I always knew you were a goat sentimentalist.

Keep lots of green leafy things around.

Then play in your pool before it gets too cold for maybe....three days?

Bubba's Sis said...

I have one of those goat-dogs, too. He's particularly fond of dryer sheets, panties, and earthworms (yes, live ones). Q-tips out of the trash are a tasty treat as well.