Slice of Life

Remember how I was complaining over the summer about not having anything to do? As usual, the Universe has delivered me what I asked for, even if I wasn't100% sure I wanted it. I am so busy now, I am turning away potential clients!

I had a couple of hours of downtime on Wednesday, so I watched a movie - "Lost in Translation." Like the reviewers on IMDB, I give it a B. There's just something about slice of life movies that I can't get enough of.

Class is going well. The high schoolers loved the chapter on motivation because SEX is one of the motivators we talked about. Teenage boys are so predictable. Looks like I am going to be assigned a couple of classes for next semester, too They wanted to give me 4, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

It wouldn't be prudent of me, the Self-Care Guru, to overload myself, now would it?


latt├ęgirl said...

And no sooner did I score part-time work than my translation biz went through the roof. Typical.

Reggie said...

I am always asking for less work, yet the Universe refuses to fire me and I remain completely overloaded... but good for you that you are so in demand!

Got to say, I don't care for slice of life movies, in particular "Lost in Translation." I think that movie and "Sideways" are two of the worst movies I have ever seen. And despite her incredible looks, I think Scarlett Johannson is terrible in any movie I've seen her in.

angelq said...

Loved Lost in Translation, didn't care for Sideways. I want to know so badly what he says to her at the end of Lost. Just can't turn it up high enough. Ooo, and try Punch Drunk Love.