Hey Yo

Teaching high school students is a completely different experience for me. They don't know anything! And they are supposed to be the "cream of the crop" as they are getting dual credit for high school and college. My favorite quote of the day goes to the young man who asked, "What does this have to do with psychology?" as we were covering the 5 senses.

And they totally don't get my frames of reference. I was talking about depth perception and was trying to use "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" as an example. One student had seen it and knew what I was talking about.

They can also find ways to tie sex in with anything. Today, we were talking about career counseling and I was jokingly telling them they should get jobs in the "janitorial arts." "The genital arts??!!" one kid replied.

At least they are pretty fun to mess with. They think everything I say is serious so I can really freak them out. I am just so used to non-participation that I feel a little off center.

Yeah, it's all "off the chain."

Peace out.


Reggie said...

This is the cream of the crop? Saying "Hey yo" and "off the chain" and "genital arts?" Interesting. Which crop are we talking about here?

I've always been a bit horrified of stories of the Texas High School system. It probably was the same where I came from, but if it was, I was quite oblivious to it.

Looking forward to learning the lingo from you!

StaceyG said...

Must be the idiot crop. I missed that memo.

Reggie said...

Whoa - only ONE person knew Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Who wants to even know these people??

For depth perception you probably have to give them a reference from HALO or "SuperBad." I have no idea.

What was your reference from Indy?

Thinking of the Last Crusade reminds me of the scene where they are on top of the hill looking at the tank and the caravan and Indy's dad tells Indy to "Get down. They'll see you." Indy assures him they won't see him and "besides, we're well out of range." Then the tank fires a shell that hits their car behind them and a flaming tire rolls past. Hilarious.