Weekend Update

My weekend was really good. Friday, Shane and I went to see Christian Finnegan perform at the Laff Stop. It's always a treat to see his set, and also to see his wife, Kambri. In between visits, I forget just how full of life they are. It's totally contagious! And Christian, I apologize for trying to use your CD to balance the table. I'm just a logical kind of person. It was nothing personal.

The rest of the weekend was spent at an ACT conference, where I learned the basics of this new therapy. I am so excited about it because it will allow me to use some Eastern techniques (mindfulness, etc.). So far, all of my clients have really liked the exercises I have them do in session. Maybe this will energize my practice and get things going again.

Now it's Monday and if I don't get to see Harry Potter today, I will cry. My needs are simple.


cjh said...

Sounds like a good weekend. And HP? Very good.

Kambri said...

It was a treat to see you, too! Thanks for trekking out.