The Axe Has Fallen

After reading several negative entries about Comcast on Eric's blog, I was less than thrilled to hear that they were taking over our cable company, Time-Warner, who already left much to be desired. Today, I decided to watch something using Video On Demand. The quality was so poor that I have no idea what the movie was even about. It presented like a DVD with huge gouges in it...skips, freezes, etc.

So, I called Comcast to report the problem, hoping to fix it, or get my money back at the very least. After getting disconnected twice after navigating lengthy call trees, I decided to try the Internet approach. I have currently been "next in line" for live customer support chat for about 15 minutes. Reminds me of a certain Friends episode.

Cable companies are like mechanics and college bookstores - they have you by the family jewels. I could complain, but all that would happen is that I would feel a little better for a short period of time. I wouldn't expect anything to actually improve. I could cancel my service and get the dish, I suppose. But then I'd never be able to watch TV in weather like we are having today. Maybe I should just give up TV.

I sure would miss the Discovery Channel. I'm still waiting on my autographed picture of Mike Rowe.


Bubba's Sis said...

My parents are having a lot of problems with Comcast as well - they are NOT impressed with their customer service so far!

And it's REALLY going to be a pain in the rear when they take over the Internet service and we have to change our e-mail addresses (if you have Roadrunner, that is)!

cjh said...

Forget autographed picture...I'm still waiting on Mike himself. And I don't have internet access today myself. I'm not pleased.

Eric said...

Did you try turning your set top box off and back on?

Is your set top box near any other electrical appliances such as a refrigerator?

I can set up an appointment with a Comcast technician if you'd like. Yes?

Ok, I see we have an opening next Tuesday between 1pm and 5pm. Would you like that slot?

I'm afraid that all our slots are 4 hours wide. Would you like that slot anyway?

[Next Tuesday @ 5:15pm]

Our technicians are busier than usual today. I called the technician scheduled for your appointment and he says you're next on his list. Would you like to wait?

I'm sorry, but I can't make any guarantee about what time our technician might arrive.


In order to resolve your problem, we'll need to set up a second appointment with a more qualified technician. We have a time slot available next Thursday between 1pm and 5pm. Would you like to schedule that time slot?

StaceyG said...

I didn't get that far, Eric. I'll just pay the $3.95.