I have tried on and off throughout my life to meditate without much success. I can sit for 5 minutes tops before I get frustrated. I guess it's the achiever in me wanting to do it the best...now.

Why do I want to meditate? First of all, I've always been an anxious person, so I tried meditating as a way to inner peace. Secondly, I have read many accounts of extraordinary spiritual experiences happening in a meditative state, and I certainly wouldn't be opposed to that! If you're a long-time reader then you know how much difficulty I have staying in the present moment, though I must say I have gotten better at it over the years.

That being said, I have to tell you about a couple of audio technologies I have found that induce a meditative state automatically! As in, you don't have to do anything but listen to these things on your mp3 player. The tones induce theta brain waves, which is the state of deep meditation. You're in a trance and don't even know it!

I have been using these things for about 6 months now and my sense of peace has quadrupled. I find myself being more intuitive - not second guessing myself anymore. I am also noticing more "coincidences" and synchronicities in my life. These technologies are not "quick fixes" by any means, but if you're looking for spiritual growth, I'd highly recommend them.

Take a look:

Brain Sync

What do you do to reach for inner peace? I'd love to hear your ideas!


Kambri said...

Awesome! I'm going to buy a few tracks for my new iPod right now.

Eric said...

My inner peace usually starts with Maalox.

latt├ęgirl said...

Cool cool extremely cool gonna check it out now!

I am feeling a lot more peaceful since my move and even the threat of the government once again hunting me is not scaring me a bit...

Creechman said...

I like to lay quietly, remove all worries from my mind one by one, until only the sound of birds outside bring harmony to my peace.

Then I read Kambri's comment about her new ipod (is that what it takes?),look up the pic of you and her in New York, sipping wine without me, and all is lost.

Kambri said...

You're too silly, creechman!

I DID get a couple of MP3s: High Focus and Increased Creativity. So far I've only listened to the former as you can listen to it while working. I still can't seem to find an hour to devote for the Increased Creativity one. Baby steps to relaxation, I guess.

Though I've wondered and can't find the answer on their site: can I listen to the IC one while I'm falling asleep?

StaceyG said...

Kambri, I think you can listen to any of them while going to sleep (except the ones made to energize you, of course).