Extraneous Quotation Marks

How did "it" get to be May 10th? How did "April" pass me by? It seems that the "older" I get, the faster "time" goes by. Well, that's not entirely "true," considering that I say that every year...and obviously "time" has not sped up (if you even believe in such things as time and space).

Have you ever had a "dream" about someone that you haven't thought about in years? Or maybe "that" someone just pops into your mind out of the blue - in a memory or image? That "has" been happening to me lately with an old friend that I haven't seen or talked to in over a year. The thing "is" that I can't seem to contact him. He isn't returning my "calls" or emails. It really makes me wonder what's going "on." Usually when someone pops "in" there like that, something major has happened in their life.

Or maybe I'm just "obsessing" for something to do.


Kambri said...

Oy! That "is" annoying! Hah!

When someone pops in like that for me usually it means they'll call / write me first so I'm always saying, "I was just thinking of you!" Which I always assume they don't believe.

cjh said...

I have had dreams like that. Not sure what it's about but some of the people there would be no way to contact. Haven't seen them in 12 years. Love that he isn't returning your "calls." I think of Joey from Friends.

On time...I think it does seem to go by faster as we age for the simple fact that we've been alive longer. As a 5-yr-old, a month was 1/60th (or 1.67%) of my life. As a 30-yr-old, that same month is 1/360th (or .28%). You know, less in regards to our entire lifespan. Yes, I pulled out a calculator and am a big dork. That eats up a lot of my time, too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you just need to have a Happy Mother's "Day" or "something."

- Texas T-bone

Creechman said...

It is a well-known fact that women who excel in understanding subconscious influences of others, can't tell their own dreams apart from anyone else's.

I usually wake up asking myself, "why that one?"

Mystification usually rules at least through shave/shower routine.

Creechman said...

I thing you should "obsess" about getting on national TV again.

creechman said...

I am my own quotation Mark.

Happy Mother's Day. Captain on the grill, probably.

Anonymous said...

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