Infinite Possibilities

Happy MLK Day. It's cold and rainy here and I have an appointment with the carpet cleaners. I think I'll cancel. Punkin is off from school today and it seems like a good "jammie day."

I am trying to become my own PR person. I am learning quite a bit about how to market myself, actually. My personal coach has been a big help, and I've had some assistance from my favorite PR person in the whole world, Kambri! It feels weird saying all of these nice things about myself, but I figure it's a good exercise in affirmations and self-esteem building.

I've had all of these flashes of inspiration for blog posts, but haven't written any of them down. So now, as I sit trying to think of something profound or witty to say, all I can think of is, "Damn, I wish I had written that stuff down!"

Well, anyway, the day stretches before me with possibilities...the distinct possibility of getting cold and wet if I leave the house, and the almost certain resistance of my 7 year old to actually leaving the house. Not that there's anything wrong with a jammie day once in a while. I guess I have a desire to be productive today, whatever that means. I did buy a new workout DVD yesterday. Perhaps I'll give it a spin. Or not.

I have to think about my bliss, you know.

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Bubba's Sis said...

It's definitely a Jammie Day!