I really like that the button I push in Blogger to make a new post says, "Create." It makes me feel powerful!

Well, things are rolling along. It looks like we are signing an official contract tomorrow to sell the house, well within the 5% range we were hoping for. I'm sure 5 days on the market is no record, but sheesh that's awesome!

A couple of people have asked about my book. Well, here's an exerpt. If you'd like to pre-order, send me an email and I'll send you the details. I'm giving discounts to my clients and blog-peeps. From What About Me? A Simple Guide to Self-Care in the 21st Century:

Lack of Self-care is basically disempowering your Self. Somewhere, somehow, you came to believe that you are not the most important person on the face of the Earth. Others may say that you are the most important person in the world to them…until you lose favor. Besides, the only person that you are 100% guaranteed to be with every second of every day is YOU. Why shouldn’t you be the most important person in your life? Why shouldn’t you be numero uno…the big cheese…the head honcho?

Most people were conditioned early on to put themselves after others. We think about the great humanitarians in history…Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesus Christ…and we get images of these saintly people, tirelessly serving others. However, if you read a little about their lives, you will see that in reality, they always put themselves first, which is how they were able to be so available to help other people and humanity in general.

I am asking you to read on with an open mind and the idea that you are indeed the most important person in your life. As I go over the topics in this book, you may think I am asking you to be selfish. You are correct. I want you to be as Self-ish as you can from now on. Employ the strategies presented here. You will find that you will be so much more fulfilled for it, and your cup will overflow so that you will be able to be there for the important people in your life when they need you. That I can promise you.

copyright 2007 by Stacey Glaesmann

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cjh said...

Yea for the sale of the house! Yea for the book! And, man, you are waaay out of the closet now...