new things

we are slowly but surely getting into the swing of things after the move. i was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the pick-up line at punkin's school moved. it only took me 10 minutes to get through it, and i had arrived almost 5 minutes early. i don't understand why some parents get there at 2:30 and sit in their cars for 30 minutes just to be first in line.

we've moved all of the major stuff. there are many little things still in the other house and we're vascillating about whether or not to have a garage sale. it seems so much easier to just donate it all to a charity who will make sure the items get to people who really need them. i'm still flabbergasted and grossed out by the general filth that is left in the house. we are pigs.

i'm about to go see a client, which feels weird since i took so much time off for the move. i've decided to go ahead and start recruiting more clients now instead of waiting for the new year. it feels right. i had 1 new call and 1 returning client call yesterday, so the universe is already doing its part.


Cheryl said...

I used to think that the moms who got there early to pick up their kids were just trying to prove something - a supermom complex. Who knows? Anyway, I'm glad things are working out well for ya'll.

latt├ęgirl said...

LOL! It is shocking how much dirt accumulates in our homes in spite of what we think of as a good, regular cleaning regimen! I suspect the best thing for us pigs to do would be to MOVE OUT once a year. Picture "moving out" day on the street of a typical suburban neighbourhood... ;-)