vacation, day 4

today, we started out with a hearty breakfast and then went for a hike at bell rock. the trail made a loop around a large rock formation, and i wasn't in the mood for a 2 hour hike. so i left punkin and the captain to their trail and walked back to the car after an hour out.

i used my free time driving down a scenic route and then stopping in at a local "trading post" to look around. the local art is amazing! i've never seen such intricate pottery - the designs cut into the clay were so precise and complex. i ended up buying a necklace made of glass for myself and some trinkets for other people.

after i picked punkin and the captain up from the trailhead, we went back to the hotel to rest a while. our schedule has been so weird here - we've only been eating 2 meals per day. for our afternoon nourishment, we drove down to oak creek via hwy 89a, an incredibly scenic route down into the valley. the temperature dropped over 10 degrees as we descended, mostly because there were so many trees that no direct sunlight could be found. we stopped in at a restaurant on the creek to eat.

after our refill, we drove back up into sedona and got to see the late afternoon sun on the side of the red rocks. they really look like they're on fire! uptown was all lit up for the holidays, which reminded me that thanksgiving is this week! it definitely does not feel like late november here!

tomorrow ia basically a travel day, since we have to drive to phoenix before boarding our flight home. i feel satisfied and rested, though i could name tons of things that i didn't have time to experience here. that's just food for our next trip! i would highly recommend sedona for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature and the mystery of the metaphysical.

great advice alert!! read it here.


latt├ęgirl said...

Much as I love the Daily OM (and find practical advice in it every day), I found it hard to be JUBILANT about being without Internet access yesterday. Or, maybe, the lesson is the DOUBLE JUBILANCE I felt today when I could connect?!

tigger said...

Or maybe you got something done during the disconnection that you wouldn't have done otherwise?

Those damn life lessons!

latt├ęgirl said...

Uh -- no. I flipped out over the Internet connection because I was waiting to send and receive work. Then, stressed out, I tried to deal with a client issue, which got me so frazzled (hint: accounting!) that I got a pounding headache and went to bed for 2 hours. I believe the only productive thing I accomplished was to make dinner, and that's a task that's par for the course.

So much for life lessons!

tigger said...

LOL!! Next time, meditate! Hee hee.