revamped for my amusement

i had a little fun with the blogger beta page element editor this morning. i don't doubt that i have forgotten to add someone's blog or a favorite link. if you notice your blog used to be in my "friend" or "funny bone" list and isn't there anymore, please let me know!


Kristine Daae said...

ME!!!!! :( I really need to get back to my blog. I'm pathetic...I like yours though. :) Maybe I should do this to mine. Thoughts?

tigger said...

Sorry about that! It's fixed! I had a blast messing with mine, so why not??

Creechman said...

I'm re-reading "Walden"

If Henry David Thoreau would have had a girl in that cold cabin on Walden Pond, he would have chosen:

1. Jessica Simpson
2. Jane Seymour
3. Alexis Bledel

Poor guy, his hut only a small square room...

I'll take the brunette please.

Now back to your story.

tigger said...

I always thought Thoreau was gay. In fact, my college roommate wrote a paper about that theory.