culture of fear

we've had an interesting couple of days here in the houston suburbs. apparently, a little kid was in her front yard playing, when a black man drove up and asked the child if he had seen the man's lost puppy. the kid's father was just around the corner of the house and came around to see what was going on. the man drove off when he saw the father, and it was later found out that the car had been reported stolen.

what immediately comes to mind when you hear this? child molester. abductor. sicko.

later, it was discovered that the man had really lost his dog! why he drove off in a stolen car is still a mystery, but i think that he didn't want to be labeled as a deviant. i think he knew what people would assume.

he made a bad judgement. people are all up in arms. i understand that it's "better to be safe than sorry" but why can't we give the benefit of the doubt? this is undoubtedly a culture of fear.

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dumb luck said...

Are you saying someone shouldn't worry about a situation like that?

Not sure about your point here.

tigger said...

No - I would have been worried, too. My point is that these days, we have been conditioned to assume the worst. Had this happened 30 years ago, the people probably would have helped the guy look for his dog.