it's my birthday

the way we celebrate birthdays is just a little strange in my opinion. don't get me wrong - bring on the presents! but really...i didn't do anything on this day 35 years ago. my mom did most of the work, to tell you the truth.

i fell out of the habit of sending my mom flowers on my birthday the last few years, but picked it up again this year. when i was a kid, of course birthdays were a source of anticipation and enjoyment. now that the "thrill is gone" about becoming another year older, i guess i look to appreciate the company of my friends and family, but also to acknowledge what my mom went through to bring me here.


Eric said...


That's 21 candles for you. My finger got tired so I stopped there.

Happy Birthday! :-)

tigger said...

Uh...thanks! Aren't you joining the 30-club in '07? Or perhaps you're there already?

Kambri said...

That's the gist of Christian's birthday joke he closed with when you saw him at the Laff Stop in June. It's now, officially, the closing bit on his debut CD. Woot!

tigger said...

Oh yeah! I remember totally agreeing with it! =)