back to the present

something strange is happening. there are droplets of what appear to be water falling from the sky. i guess the captain can put the sprinkler away for a little while. in the meantime, our faithful yard service people are slogging around, making ruts in the grass. why must faithful yard service people come before 8am on a saturday?

i am done with my "under mothered" saga. i must admit, it was quite cathartic for me. while i had gotten past blaming my mother, i still held some animosity for my dad. it was nice to be reminded that he had an experience completely different from mine, and he did what he did to survive and keep his sanity. it's sad that i fell by the wayside, but i'm not going to let that dictate how i live my life in the present.

like nell, i am turning into a "jill of all trades." i have my private practice, which is at an all-time high as far as a client base goes. i am designing a web site for a fellow therapist. i am working with worth publishers on a database project. and i have an interview at my church to be a part-time children's ministry director. i am just not meant to be idle. except on saturdays. and an occasional sunday.

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