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i've learned over the years how much perspective influences life as we know it. for example, someone who is a vegetarian may have a passionate view of animal maltreatment or animal rights, while i have no problem purchasing a pound of ground beef to make dinner with. however, i personally don't support hunting for sport. the hunter probably wonders what all the noise is about because he or she dresses and eats the kill, so it's not like anything is going to waste.

we tend to grow up with a certain perspective about things. our parents lovingly bestow the way they think on us, and we spend much of our adult life trying to change or forget the whole process! i have a client who broke her foot and is in a cast. she can't drive and she's not working. she's basically "laid up." so, when you think of someone being "laid up" what comes to mind? lying around watching tv and ringing a little bell when you need assistance? staying in bed and being depressed? or how about doing the best you can to learn how to navigate the house on crutches and staying busy? all three are viable perspectives on what it means to be "laid up."

so what's your point, tigger? you ask. i guess it is to think about other perspectives when you find yourself in a situation that you feel stuck in. a lot of times, our thoughts are confined "inside the box." when you change your perspective, the world can be a nicer and less oppressive place.

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