more exciting

did i mention that punkin came home with a sunburn on sunday? when i picked her up from school yesterday, her teacher commented on how much pain she had seemed to be in and if i wanted to bring something (e.g. tylenol, solarcaine) they would put it on her. so...i felt like the best mom ever after that! she and her friend got in the car and every other word out of her was "ow." so, this morning when she started complaining about the pain again, i caved and let her stay home. of course, this was supposed to be the busiest day of the week for me! rescheduling things is not a favorite of mine, and it must have been obvious to punkin because she kept apologizing for being sick. i finally sat down and told her that she is more important than my work. i think i was trying to convince both of us. i can be such a workaholic!

she stayed in my bed for most of the morning, watching movies. around 11, she must have gotten bored because all of a sudden, she was healed! it's a miracle! thank you, benny hinn! of course, now she's talking either to me or to her toys non-stop, occasionally taking a break to tell me how hungry she is, but only for cheetos. i am such a sucker sometimes.

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