life imitates art

yesterday we took punkin and her friend to see madagascar. it was hilarious, in my opinion. i'm sure some fundamentalist group will get all in a wad about stereotypes or racism or something, but then again, they always do.

the distinct characters in this particular movie really reminded me of people i know in real life. i suppose that was the idea, so it worked - at least on me. if you haven't seen the flick yet, you may be a little confused, but here are the characters, in living color:

1. melman the giraffe: this is my friend b. he is a self-professed hypochondriac, though i am not sure melman was that self-aware. do not ever ask b. how he's doing, unless you want to hear about pulled muscles, pinched nerves, fears of cancer or doctor's appointments. this man is going to be intolerable when he's elderly.

2. marty the zebra: this is c. she is a long-time friend who is always looking for an adventure. it didn't just dawn on her one day, like it did with marty, though. in college, she left by herself for a summer to go to new orleans to live. she just packed up her suburban, took about $1000 and left. a few years later, she went to europe by herself, taking a rail pass and staying in hostels. she definitely belongs in "the wild."

3. gloria the hippo: size aside, this is my friend j. she takes no crap from anyone, and definitely enjoys the good life. she's a great person to call when i need a pep talk.

4. alex the lion: this one was a little harder. but i think l. fits the bill, minus the passion for attention. l. likes to stay in her safety zone, and has trouble thinking "outside the box." she's so rigid about her thinking that she doesn't really know she's a meateater, metaphorically speaking. she is missing out on a lot of life because of her black-and-white thinking.

5. king julian: this is a. all the way. despite marriage and motherhood, a's priorities still lie in drinking wine, smoking cigarettes and other herbal mood altering things. life's just a par-tay. her "foosas" are work and domesticity.

6. the penguins: they're me. cute and cuddly. [did i forget "psychotic"?]

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