our vacation really hit home to me how much the world depends on opposites. without evil, there would be no good. without drunken smokers, there could be no peaceful waterfalls. oh, wait...that doesn't quite fit.

i was amused that several people hiked the 300 feet to get to laurel falls and then sat down and lit up. wtf?? i used to smoke, but i'd like to think i could constrain myself for a couple of hours whilst i enjoyed nature. a girl sat down next to me and lit a m*rlbor0, so I had to do my passive-aggressive "i used to smoke but now it makes me sick" act. i immediately got up, coughing loudly, and moved to the other side of the falls. i don't think she gave a shit. oh, well.

honestly, i cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke anymore. i avoid bars because of this fact. i may even be allergic. but i feel so hypocritical! i remember hanging out with friends and being the only smoker. if i didn't have cigarettes, i would whine and beg until someone took me to the store to get some and then i was exiled to the outdoors to do my evil deeds. i guess i am just happy that i was able to kick that habit. they (whoever "they" is), say that nicotine is harder to kick than heroin. i don't think i'll try to find out if that is true.

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