punkin and m., sitting in a tree...

i am feeling much better today, though the allergy headache just won't quit. i heard from andrea's brother that she is very happy right now, so that news paired with the efforts of the yates children memorial fund committee has cooled my jets. i just look forward to the day when things like depression will be treated just like diabetes in the minds of the public. i wonder if that will be in my lifetime.

i just got back from a parent-teacher conference. it was rather boring, which i am happy to report! punkin is doing well, so we just ended up talking about this and that. apparently, one of the boys that sits at punkin's table has a crush on her. so he talks to her incessantly or punches her or whatever it is 6 year olds do. but punkin has a crush on a different boy. she was pretending that she had a date with him later today. i love to tease her - are you gonna kiss him? she just smiles and turns red.

i didn't think that i would already be dealing with crushes, but thinking back to kindergarten, i still remember the name of the boy i had a crush on - blake taylor. it was so innocent. i didn't even want to kiss him. i just thought that he was very cute. i am glad that punkin feels that she can talk about stuff like this with me. i never did with my mom.

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