bizzy day

today, i promised punkin a trip to the children's museum. we called to see if her friend d. could come, but he was busy. so we called m.'s house and got permission for her to come. then, d's mom called to say that he could come after all. so I was looking at the prospect of being responsibile for three 6 year olds in a building full of places to get lost. fortunately, d's dad called and said he wanted to come along, as his wife is pregnant, sick and very cranky.

the museum was its usual nightmare. the 2 of us had trouble keeping up with all 3 kids. after an hour or so, we decided to lure the kids out of the museum using a new park near our houses as bait. that worked, so we found ourselves at the shiny new park, helping the kids reach the zipline. finally, someone got thirtsy and the park is so new that the water fountains don't work yet. so, we loaded up the kids and went to cold stone creamery where I demonstrated my love of excess by eating a kids' cup of chocolate and then going back and getting a regular cup of "boston creme pie." i dropped everyone off (amidst whines about "can't we just do one more thing??") and am now sitting here, pondering the injustice of my lack of energy compared to my daughter's. getting old is hell.

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