more changes

well, it's over. the party went well, i think. even the adults had fun. the party planner saved me lots of stress, as she took care of everything except the cake! we got a "strawberry passion" cake from cold stone creamery. it was muy bueno! punkin's best friend came in from dallas for the party, too. that was nice. i passed out around 9:30 last night. being a party supervisor is tiring! =)

captain crotch and i got to go out to a nice dinner friday night to celebrate his new job, which he starts tomorrow. he's really been a champ, considering the amount to stress he's dealing with. even though the new gig is a move up, there's still so much junk to deal with: new co-workers, new surroundings, new types of work. i am glad that his commute is going down from 45 minutes (one way) to about 15 minutes. we are probably even going to be able to have lunch together sometimes.

my house looks like toys r us blew up in it. i am trying to get punkin to clean out her toy box to make room for the new stuff. looks like i may have to do it when she's gone, though she will notice immediately. i can't get anything past this kid.

i better run. she's waiting for me to play a game of fashion fever with her. remind me to double-thank whoever gave her that gift, okay?

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