jill of all trades

things have taken a weird twist. my three loyal readers know that i am a counselor and a professor of psychology. but did you guys/gals know that i am a webmaster, too? i didn't either! i mean, i have my own little website to promote my business, but that's about it. i made it with stolen graphics and frontpage. no sql, php, mia or whatever else is out there now. pure html, baby!

so imagine my surprise when my former supervisor called and asked if i could make a simple website for her step-dad's new business! i told her i'd give it a try, as long as he wasn't expecting any bells and whistles. i've been working on it for a week now, and we're down to a small punch-list of items. my customer seems happy, and i'm going to get a nice bit of pocket change for my efforts. i can pack away my secret webmaster identity, right? wrong.

a good friend called and we were catching up on our lives. she's been doing art therapy workshops, and i told her about the deviation from my own career. she says, "i need a website! i've already registered the domain!" whoda thunk it? so i agreed to put a placeholder on her home page for her since she had been handing out business cards with the url on them. and of course she's going to want to add content soon. but does it end there? no.

i went to my office yesterday to see a client and stopped in to say hello to my associate, who shares the office with me. she asked me what my website url is - out of the blue. i told her and then she proceeded to tell me about the site that she'd like to have for her practice and would i like to build it for her? at this point, i am getting the feeling that God may have something in the computer science field for me to do. i don't know why, but it's just the feeling i got.

in other news, the countdown to punkin's birthday party is at 3 days. she's getting more excited by the day. if she keeps going, she will spontaneously combust the morning of the party! it's cute and it reminds me of when i used to get excited about my birthday. i guess it is still nice to have a "special day" when i can ask captain crotch to do stuff for me and if he doesn't want to, i can say "but it's my birthday!" hey - i'll take anything i can get!

peace out - from tigger's counseling and website design service! =)

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