what's all the hype about?

ahhhhhhhhhh. i am so done with my school stuff. done. bye-bye. finito. the end. fini. you get the picture. what a load off. i can feel my serotonin levels rising already!

and then there's my impending trip to new york to be on national television. it's so nice to have something to really look forward to. something that doesn't happen on a regular or even semi-regular basis. captain crotch's parents offered to spring for his plane ticket, so he's going to get to come with me. and we are staying an extra day. kambri is going to show us around rockefeller center until it's time to go to ballyhoo's latest function at the knitting factory. i think we will even have some time to do the tourist thang.

so...life is definitely looking up. i know the stress shall resume shortly, but i plan to make the most of current circumstances.

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