was that a new york minute?

we're baaaaack! actually, we got back yesterday, but i have been too busy doing laundry and sleeping to post. we had a great time (along with some hassles), as outlined below:

the good:
* the stretch limo that picked us up from the airport in new york
* kambri's 15-minute tour of rockefeller center
* the comedy show at the knitting factory
* staying in a manhattan hotel for free
* taping a spot for national television and not being nervous
* meeting a few celebrities
* toys r us in times square
* alcohol
* getting my hair & make-up done by professionals after getting ready in 15 minutes
* communicating the difference between postpartum depression and psychosis on national television
* my dad being available to come pick me up at the different airport (see below)

the bad:
* the idiots who booked my travel (sure, i want to leave out of one airport in houston and come back to a different one!)
* the screaming kids/babies on all 4 legs of our round-trip
* getting a call at 8:30am, waking us up from a dead sleep, stating that the limo was downstairs waiting for us to take us to the taping
* the "refreshments" in the green room at the studio
* being bodily kicked off the set after my segment, interrupting my conversation with lynne koplitz

the ugly:
* our hotel room
* the beggars on the subway
* the smell coming up from underground
* the gigantinormous wait to have dinner in times square

all in all, it was a great trip. i really want to make a vacation out of our next visit and take punkin along. i know she'd "heart" new york, too.

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