sorry about the absence. if anyone noticed. i've been dry on the comments lately (except you, mark!). i guess blogging isn't about comments anyway. in fact, just ask mark. sometimes comments suck.

i've been buried in grading term papers and making finals. i was supposed to go to a seminar today and right now, i should be on the spirit of texas, drinking wine to blur the boredom that comes with captain crotch's company party. instead, i am sitting at the computer, sniffling, wishing my head would just fall off. i have another sinus infection. i grow weary.

we heard what we thought was thunder a minute ago, but we are finding out through the prompt media coverage that a chemical plant exploded about 10 miles away from us. that's one of the hazards of living near industrial areas. when i was growing up, we lived in an industrial area. i can't tell you how many times we had to evacuate because one of the refineries exploded. i suppose that's one reason why my dad dragged us out to the sticks when i was 8. there are no refineries in the sticks.

anyway, i find it highly ironic that once again, i am sick during finals. sure, i'm on the other side of the desk, but it's still happening. maybe schools are just bad for my health.

happy weekend, y'all!

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