me, me, me!

yeah, i know it's election day. so what? this is my blog. i shall write about me. so i passed out another course assessment to my classes today. my intro class is getting smaller and smaller. they are paying less and less attention. i thought i was doing a good job, but apparently i am not according to them. i still talk too fast, powerpoint presentations suck because having the lights out makes them sleepy, they like powerpoint better than straight lecture, they want more interaction in the class, they're bored, i should give away all the answers to the tests, and i cover way too much material. well, this pisses me off. from day 1, they have been the most brain-dead class i have ever seen. when i do try to engage them in activities, it ends up being social hour. i give them reviews of the test taken directly from the test. if they would bother to open the book once in a while, they could easily make A's, like some of my better students do. it's hard to take them seriously when i feel like i'm not being respected. why are you even taking this class when you haven't gotten over a 44 on either test? i bet it's because i didn't review enough or it was too dark or the dog ate your book or i forgot to slip you a copy of the test ahead of time.

i don't know what to do. i am supposed to teach four of these intro classes next semester. maybe i just got a dud class this semester. maybe i do need to examine how i interact with them and adjust some things. right now, i don't care if they all drop the class.

oh, and thank you to everyone who took the survey. I got 30 responses, which was much more than i had expected!!

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