i feel...

crabby. how's that for getting in touch with my feelings? i went into my division chair's office today to talk about my too-high expectations of my students and somehow came out with a stack of about 15 books and an assignment to observe other teachers. just what i need. that's making prioritizing a little harder.

i have made a schedule for every day this week. how many days have i kept to it? zero. i am finding that the pressure of a schedule just makes me more stressed out. but then i don't do what i consider in my heart the most important things - exercise and prayer time. i am seriously considering cutting back on my spring class load. why should my personal well-being be sacrificed to grading papers and trying to keep my head above water? i had a conversation with my intro class today. i told them that i agreed with their feedback - that my class is boring. i also told them that in order to have more interaction, they'd have to open their mouths. and as for feeling sleepy? well, go ahead and sleep - it's your grade.

fortunately, i had a pretty cool activity planned and several students actually did speak up in class today. what irritates me the most is that this irritates me at all. i need to go meditate...ohmmmmmmm

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