sex and baseball - american traditions

being a professor can be a lot of fun. i get to make up assignments, exams and then grade them. most of the grading is objective, but some of it subjective. i make a point not to look at the student's name on the paper before i grade it. some of those kids drive me nuts, and i am afraid that i'd put an f on the paper just because he/she wrote her name.

tuesday's lecture in my intro class was motivation. you know, hunger, thirst, sex. there i was, in front of 35 horny teenagers, trying to explain the 4 phases of the human sexual response, with a straight face. finally i gave up on that and started to make jokes instead. actually i was pretty good. it was like a stand-up routine or something. "sex is a different type of motivation. if you don't eat, you will eventually die. if you don't have sex, you will not die, even though you might think you will." *laughs* maybe i missed my calling.

i have 4 clients in my private practice now. it's getting challenging to keep up with everything. i know i am running myself ragged. the b vitamins are working i think. i did yoga on tuesday and am now very sore. but i need to get back into the routine. i'll do some ballet today. hopefully that will stretch out my sore muscles.

last night, i actually got to watch most of the baseball game! unfortunately we lost, but game 7 is tonight. it's definitely bird season. go astros! =)

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