office politics

above is a picture of my new office. as you can see, we haven't put any pictures on the wall yet. i think all of us are afraid we'll offend the others if we put the pictures up without all 4 of us being there. i guess it is inevitable that when you get 4 women together you'll have politics. the associate who signed the lease and is paying 1/2 of the rent is trying to tell the other 3 of us that she has veto power for the decor. so, if all 3 of us like the furniture arranged one way, but she doesn't, we're outvoted by her veto. personally, i don't care too much about decor. as long as i have 2 decent chairs in a private office, i am happy. but another associate, who is subleasing from the aforementioned associate (like i am) keeps butting heads with the key associate - over a room divider. when each of them is in the office, they move the room divider to where they think it looks nice. so, every time i get in, the stupid divider is in a different spot. i am about to throw it out of the window. why can't we all just get along??

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