see pee ess

i have a friend that has the most bizarre things happen to her. a couple of years ago, she found out that her now ex-husband had been inappropriate with her daughter. she called cps, but it took them a month to come out and investigate. ultimately, nothing was done. so she called me last night and told me to expect a call from cps. of course, i got all concerned that something else had happened to her poor little girl. well, it seems that my friend's now husband and her daughter had been clowning around, and toilet humor came into the picture, as it often does when you are dealing with a 5 year old. husband jokingly told daughter that he was laughing so hard that he was going to pee his pants. then he said that he wouldn't pee his pants, he'd pee in her bed.

well, the next day at school, daughter tells her teacher that her daddy pees in her bed. despite daughter saying that was a joke, teacher calls cps. this time, they were there within the hour and held my friend up in an interview for the entire afternoon. of course they had to rehash everything that happened with her ex-husband. she needs me to be a character witness because i know her and her husband really well. i also know that there is no way either of them would be abusive toward the daughter. it's so ironic that when something was seriously going on, cps took a month to investigate, yet with a silly toilet comment, they showed up so quickly. how bizarre.

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