bad, bad muse

it's funny, but when everything is going well, i just don't have a muse for my blog entries. that is so wrong! why do things have to be bad for me to write about them? so today, i am listing things that are good in my life:

rabbit took care of me last night when i had a migraine
punkin is starting to act more responsible and is doing well in school
i have wonderful friends that check on me from time to time
i enjoy my teaching job
it's not final yet, but i am pretty sure we have our office space
for the first time in weeks, i feel at peace
i am almost done with my painting for my mom's birthday on 9/21
today is my best friend's birthday
my mom finally got a paying customer for her housecleaning business

i know there's a lot more, but writing about this stuff has made me want to go paint some more. all i can say is thank you God.

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