today is my mom's birthday. we were going to eat dinner together, but she has a headache.

my feet smell like vinegar. what's up with that? today's classes went really well, but somehow in the process, my feet got pickled.

i have been so tired lately. i know that it's allergies causing the exhaustion, but that knowledge doesn't make me feel any better. not only am i tired all the time, but i haven't exercised or spent *ahem* quality time with captain crotch. i found out that mold spores are not seasonal. yep, we have them in the air all year long!

punkin's chore calendar got revamped a while ago. now, when she does something responsible, like putting her dishes in the sink after dinner, she gets a star. if she has 10 or more stars by the weekend, we get to do something fun. last weekend, we went to moody gardens. this weekend, i am trying to arrange something with my dad. we can't be spending a ton of money all the time. i sure will be glad when i get my first paycheck from the college, though i know that the amount will be so meager that i'll want to cry. we're also having a garage sale on saturday. we have lots of ugly things, so i am sure they'll go fast. doesn't it seem like a thursday today?

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