life's not fair

first of all, i must say that this morning has been a pleasant surprise. i expected to wake up and feel strange about not going into work. but it really feels quite natural. that just reinforces my desire to go on faith and not on sight.

that being said, i am getting pissed off that my mom has gotten the shaft. i know that when couples in texas divorce, a lot of the times the woman does get ripped off, especially if they are beaten down by a lengthy legal process and a power-tripped man. (i also know it can go the other way, so shut up, guys!)

i never thought in a million years that i would be calling the county indigent health care service so my mom can get the medication that she needs to function and stay healthy. i am pissed off at the pharmacies for marking meds up 300%. i just read an article about a pharmacy in mckinney, tx who sells their drugs at cost. some lady who used to pay $150 for her meds per month is now getting them for $16, thanks to these angels. i am mad that i am having to deal with the county mhmr because of all the red tape that's involved. i am angry that i had to lie on a health insurance application for my mom because there's no way in hell that they'd cover her otherwise.

it's this and more that have pushed me to decide that i am going to take some sliding scale and pro bono clients on. if someone needs therapy, then by God, they will get it. money is not the boss of me. i can always make more. sometimes, other people can't.

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