i'll be back to the pimps soon. today i am thinking about changes. some people find it hard to face change. i used to resist it myself when i was a bit younger. but all that does is expend energy over something you don't have control of anyway. i tend to evaluate change via intuition these days. if something feels right, then i don't dwell on it or worry about it. if it doesn't, then i have to question my choices.

punkin moved up to a new class this morning. even though all of her friends are in the new class, she was resisting moving just because it was a change. she cried and looked at me with her big eyes with an expression that said "why are you doing this to me?" but that's how the real world operates. the only thing you can count on staying the same is change. i asked one of punkin's friends in the new class to show her around, and 2 minutes later they were talking and laughing. she'll be okay.

i went up to the college yesterday to copy my syllabi, etc. one of my classrooms is right by the workroom. i went in and stood at the podium overlooking the student desks. i felt good about it. i know i will be nervous - that's a given. but i also think i will do a great job. i'll be okay.

i'm about to leave for my interview at the psych hospital. yet more changes are on the horizon. you can count on that.

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