murphy goes to the circus

punkin is home with me today. we went to the circus. murphy decided to tag along.

yesterday, i scoped out the reliant center to figure out which gate we needed to go in. since there was a sign at one gate that said "circus," i foolhardily assumed that was the gate we needed to use today. it was right across the street from the light rail stop, so i thought it would be fun to park and take the rail in.

so, we drove to the park n ride and figured out how to buy tickets, etc. we got on the train and enjoyed the 10 second ride to the reliant park stop. hmmm...but the gates were shut. the sign still read "circus" with an arrow pointing to the closed gates. cars were pulling in and turning around, the people inside apparently as moronic as i. i mean, how could we even think to use that gate?

i looked around and saw an open gate about 100 yards away. so punkin and i started walking. and walking. and sweating. it was only 95 degrees and 95% humidity. after going through the proper open gate and walking another 20 minutes or so, we arrived at reliant stadium. i was dripping with sweat and not smelling so sweet when we walked into the merciful air conditioning. punkin was already complaining about her feet hurting and wanting cotton candy and wanting a drink and what is the circus anyway? i bought the cotton candy and the water and asked the knowledgable and enthusiastic reliant stadium employee where our seats were. she grunted and pointed in a general direction.

we walked around the entire stadium until we found our choice floor seats. the circus started. it was bright! it was loud! the acts were cool! there were animals doing tricks! and punkin was bored out of her tree. we left at intermission, walked the 20 minutes back to the train station, and went to mcdonald's to eat. fade out with punkin happily chattering away, eating her happy meal and playing with her beenie baby. someone please take murphy away before someone has to put me away!!!

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