my mom is slowly but surely getting better. her electrolyte levels are coming back to normal and she is able to eat and speak. i've been hanging out in the hospital for the last 3 days. it's been a while since i've been to a hospital. some things that stuck out:

1. they have cable!
2. hospital food is much improved since i've been there last
3. i could never be a nurse - too many brushes with bodily fluids
4. if you get mad enough, you can get almost any medication you want for your mother
5. they have a "nourishment" room with a bunch of "free" food in it that i can raid anytime i want!

so, while my mom sleeps, i munch on snacks and watch "trading spaces." like i said before, don't cry for me. thanks so much for the prayers, thoughts and happy dances. looks like they are working!

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