passing the peak

on the way to work today, i had a peak moment. you know - one of those snippets of time where all seems right with the world. i felt so happy and free. too bad those moments can't last longer.

i have an appt. tomorrow with the orthopedist to look at my back. i'm going to ask her to just hit me over the head with a hammer so my back won't seem so bad. the celebrex that my pcp gave me does nothing, though a nice dose of trazadone allowed me a decent night's sleep. the online pharmacy i get my tramadol from has dropped the ball twice now, leaving me with no pain relief at all. sometimes i feel like such a whiner because the pain itself is not that bad. but when it's continuous like it has been for the last few days, i get tired of it and just want it to go away.

c'est la vie. que sera sera. let go and let God. rob a pharmacy and steal vicodin.

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