the sun still rises

hi. welcome to my new blog! i hope you will enjoy reading my rants as much as i enjoy writing them.

did you know that fish have palettes? they weren't very good eaters at first. i actually worried about my fish. a few days ago, i accidentally spilled the whole can of fish food (it had come with the aquarium). so i switched to a different brand - one that i had actually heard of. now the fish eat like there's no tomorrow! i don't know why i thought they didn't have preferences - doesn't every living thing? but they're fish. i could almost see them smiling at me.

in other news, punkin has a cough. it was keeping her up at night, so i bought some vapor patches. she will not let me put vapor rub on her, so this was a good compromise. it's just a little disconcerting to have your child ask you for the patch.

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