moms have feelings too....burp

punkin was an absolute horror this morning! if ever i had the urge to drink before 8am, it was today. she resisted everything. if i had done what i wanted to do, she would've ended up at school in her pajamas, with her teeth unbrushed and her hair uncombed. instead, i lost it. i started bawling. i was so mad. she was crying, i was crying - it was a sad, sad sight. but when she realized i was really upset, she started to empathize. she had said some nasty things: i want a different mommy, you're bossy, etc. when i started to cry and told her how badly she had hurt my feelings, she turned her behavior around. she apologized and seemed to understand a little bit more that i wasn't prodding her just for kicks. but i am still left feeling sad and heavy. i know that feeling has more to do with just this morning.

on a happier note, yesterday we went and saw shrek 2. it was hilarious! of course you have to understand that i love love love potty humor! i think rabbit and punkin really enjoyed it, too. afterwards, we went and had punkin's ears pierced. i had gotten mine re-pierced a few days ago, and she really liked them. i told her it would hurt, but she stood firm. the ladies were able to do both ears at once, and punkin didn't even cry! she flinched but then that was it. i was so proud of her! the little pink crystal earrings look adorable on her too. i love these kinds of mother/daughter times.

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