Who knew my kiddo was such a poet? Here are two of her most recent works:
little bird

does a little bird sing?
does a little bird cry?

does a little bird flap its wings?
does a liitle bird fly?

if a little bird can do those things,
can't you? try.

- Alexa G.

Favorite Thing

A little girl once asked "What's your favorite thing to smell?”
I replied, “Well, that’s a tie, you see…
Between spearmint and fresh laundry.”

A little boy once asked, “What’s your favorite thing to see?”
I replied, “A balloon in the sky, sunset, or sunrise.”

A teacher once asked, “What’s your favorite thing to do?”
I replied, “To cook, read and write…
To holler, scream, start a fight…
To dazzle people with beauty and brains…
To take a walk in the rain…
All the things no one cares about…
Everything that’s been forgotten…
All the things that have been left behind,
But stand still in my mind.”

- Alexa G.

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