Are You My Mommy?

You've probably read, at some point in your life, the popular children's book, Are You My Mother? Well, here's a twist on it, from our new kitten, Dory's, perspective:

Dory was playing in the field with her mommy one day when it started to rain. Mommy grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and ran across the road to higher ground. The car noises were very scary, so Mommy ran off under a fence.

Dory was very scared, too. But she wanted to find her mommy! She tiptoed up the road, where she found Izzy Boo. "Are you my mommy?" Dory asked Izzy Boo. The dog looked at her and said, "No. I am not your mommy. I am a goat-dog! But if you want to climb all over me, that's cool." Dory climbed Izzy Boo, but she still wanted to find her mommy, so she walked on.

She soon came across Nemo, the cat-dog. "Are you my mommy?' Dory asked Nemo. Nemo ran away screaming, totally freaked out. Dory chased him until he got too tired to run anymore. Then he let her play with his tail. "OK, go away," said Nemo. "I am not your mom!"

Dory had spent a lot of time climbing Izzy Boo the goat-dog and chasing Nemo the cat-dog. She decided to lie down for a while before looking for her mommy again.

After her nap, Dory decided to keep searching. She came upon Squeakers and Sassy, the big, fat, old, lazy cats. "Are either of you my mommy?" Dory asked them.

Dory took that as a "no." and ran on. She was getting very tired and started thinking that she would never find her mommy. Just when she was about to give up and go cry in a corner, she came upon Punkin the girl. "Are you my mommy?" Dory asked Punkin. "Yes! Yes I am your mommy!" she said. Dory was so happy she did a somersault right where she was! Punkin picked Dory up and cuddled her. Dory purred. She would never be alone again.



cjm said...

She is a crazy cute kitten. :)

Texasblu said...

How cute! Sounds like a productive day to me.... :D