What Day is It?

I am back from Maui! Did you miss me? What do you mean you didn't know I was gone?? Sucker.

The trip was woooonnndddeeerrrffuuulll. I highly recommend a jaunt to Hawaii (any island, but Maui was fabulous) to add to your "things to do before I die" list. So, here is the quick and dirty travel journal. Pics to follow when I can find that @#$% cable!

Day One: Arrived at hotel at about 5pm Maui time (10pm TX time). Had trouble staying awake. Fell asleep at 8pm directly after dinner.

Day Two: Woke up at 5am! Shopping, beach lazing, followed by a sunset air tour of the active volcano sites on the Big Island. Ahhhh, creation in the flesh!!! Tres cool. Noting the plethora of wild chickens, feral cats, and mongooses.

Day Three: A nice drive to Lahaina, followed by a indescribable submarine ride! Saw 2 reefs and their marine life and a sunken ship (on purpose - to be an artificial reef). Thought their catch phrase ("We've got the urge to submerge") was cheesy. "Celebrity" spotting: Kristi Yamaguchi.

Day Four: 12-hour day trip to Heavenly Hana with a cozy group of about 10 others peeps from all over the world. The road has 617 curves and 50-something one lane bridges, often on the precipice of something reallllly scary. Glad I wasn't driving. Tour guide very knowledgeable, but gave me the creeps with his enthusiasm for saying, "Ohhhhh I love my pipi [pronounced "pee pee"] every time we passed a cow. "Pipi" is Hawaiian for "cow." "Beastiality" is Hawaiian for "Beastiality."

Day Five: Vegging on the beach, snorkeling at Makena (touched a sea turtle!), body boarding (my poor knees!) followed by a traditional luau. "Celebrity" spotting: Tori Spelling...but somehow I kept my food down. Looks like she could benefit from doing the same occasionally.

Day Six: More major vegging by the pool and at the beach. Dinner out at Fred's Mexican Cafe. Very ono (yummy, excellent, cool, etc...)!!

Today (and yesterday??): were spent on planes and in airports. I will attempt to stay up until at least 9pm tonight to re acclimate to the local time. My favorite food discoveries were Maui Gold Pineapple and Maui Splash pineapple wine (thanks for the tip, Linda!). Now I shall go feed my face, which hasn't been properly fed since breakfast yesterday. Bad me. Great trip!

Pictures to come soon, I promise!

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