Catching Up

Wow...do I ever post here anymore? Trying to get enough material for a post when you give the play-by-play on FaceBook is tough! Does anyone even read this blog anymore?

For anyone who still does, here's what's going on. We are leaving soon for our vacation in MAUI! My hubby has been working his tail off this past year and thanks to him, we can finally afford to go! He may go into shock over relaxing since he has been in uber-work mode for so long. We all need some relaxation and some family bonding time. We're always so busy, we forget how important family is.

I am trying to scale back on my practice lately. I am not accepting any new clients until August or September. I'm trying to spend as much time with my Punkin as I can. Though, she's at the age where she'd rather be with a friend than be with me anymore. I'll take what I can get.

I've just come off of some weird pseudo-flu. I am hoping and praying that I'm done with it because nausea + plane = hell.

What's going on with you?


Tracey said...

So that is what your post meant by you feeling better. I'm so behind...

latt├ęgirl said...

I still blog (as you know) but much less often, although it has nothing to do with Facebook. (Also, I don't do the "play-by-play" thing... it's too much like Twittering, which I find annoying in anyone who is not named Dooce.