Us and Them

Yeah, it's a great Pink Floyd song, but that's not what I'm talking about. There's this 4-way stop by my house at which people instantly forget how to drive. The powers that be assure us that a traffic light is forthcoming, but until that happens, it's us against them. "Us" being me and whomever is in the lanes next to me going the same direction. "Them" being the idiots who are perpendicular to us.

Most of the time, I am proud of "us." We wait our turn and if some assclown on "their" team tries to cut us in line, we play a good game of chicken. But yesterday, someone on "our" team just shamed me. 

It wasn't "our" turn and the person in the middle lane pulled a California stop and then kept going. Oh, the sense of shame I felt for the rest of us going north. The eastern travelers were so pissed off! I found myself doing the "sorry" wave as representative for "us." 

Sometimes, you just can't control your team.

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latt├ęgirl said...

Especially if your team is a bunch of strangers.