Picture This

Friday, I spent the afternoon with a friend trying to get a decent picture of myself for my professional web site. I didn't like any of the headshots and the others didn't really float my boat either. But it's hard to tell if the picture really sucks or if it's just that I don't like any pictures of myself. I also felt like a fool posing for portraits...thus lots of laughing and ruining the shots. I guess it's like anything else - you just have to get used to it. Thankfully my friend is eager to practice his photography skills so we should be able to have another session soon.


latt├ęgirl said...

This is purely ADORABLE. I have seen very few pictures of you, most of those taken from further away, so it is great to see you up close. I love the pose, the setting, and the bare feet. You have a beautiful smile and yes, you are very, very pretty! Yay, Tigger!!!!

creechman said...

So pretty.

Tracey said...

what Mark said. your so perty. :)