Freaky February

Is it just me or did January take a LONG time?? It's finally February. About time.

Apparently there's some important football game on today. I had to ask my students who was playing. I have never been able to get into football, though I have plenty of friends who are passionate about it. Maybe if I knew all the rules?

Anyway, I hope your team wins today!


cjh said...

I think Pittsburgh is playing because some work people are excited about that. I have no idea about the other team.

The Fiance and I were planning on going to the gym today. This moring I asked him if he thought they were opening. Shouldn't it be like a religious holiday for them?

StaceyG said...

HA! That makes sense!!

creechman said...

The key ingredient to both football and relationships is to avoid the safety.

Tracey said...

I watched the Puppy Bowl. It was much more exciting. :)

selzach said...

The only reason I knew who was playing is because I live like 30 miles from Tampa.

Didn't watch any of it, though.