Median Shoe

Shane and I have laughed for years at the famed "median shoe" that is always there on a highway. You know the one - half of a pair, usually a tennis shoe, lying haphazardly on the median or the side of the road. In suburban areas, said shoe is seen hanging from a power line, usually with its mate.

We have been bored enough to come up with theories as to why these shoes exist:
  • Flew out of the back of a truck
  • Someone threw one out to piss someone else off
  • The shoes were to old or smelly to keep and the person doesn't mind littering even though it is totally against the law
  • They are a gang sign
  • They are really cameras that THE MAN uses to spy on the people
Regardless of the reason, I have now seen everything in reference to the median shoe. Check it out!


cjh said...

When I was in training at HAWC, I heard the shoes over the power line indicate drugs can be found nearby.

Bubba's Sis said...

I've always laughed at the "shoe in the road" too! Who loses one shoe?

Kambri said...

Stacey! I lost my one shoe before and, funny, you commented about the shoe on the median phenomenon


creechman said...

Ha. I almost blogged about the lost shoes too when I saw an article that day, but couldn't immediately find a pic to go with it. Great minds pad around the house in socks alike. PS Your Twitter face icon rocks.

Reggie said...

Back when I was hanging out with my "National Brotherhood of Skiers" group, they were all of the belief that the shoes over the wire meant that someone in the neighborhood had died.