In Full Swing

So school is back in full swing and it looks like I have full classes - about 35 students in each. That's always a good feeling because it gets around that my class is somewhat enjoyable. I even have some repeat customers - folks who dropped for some reason last semester. I also have my next-door neighbor and her boyfriend in class. That should be fun. It's nice to see familiar faces now and then.

We are having some trouble with Punkin not wanting to go to school all of a sudden. I talked with her yesterday, hoping to find out if there's a bully or someone else that's giving her trouble. Last year she had a boy that was giving her a hard time, making her not want to go. She says there's no one bothering her - just that she hates one of her classes. It's boring. Maybe next year we'll get her into honors courses or something.

I have been having lots of fun on FaceBook. I have connected with old high school friends, teachers and even current buds. It's quite addictive and I have wasted plenty of time. There's always new and fun ways to waste time, yes? So...friend me!

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