Well, it's Friday and we are now 100% "normal" with our Internet returning this afternoon. We are oh so grateful for this! I know so many people are still without power and hot meals, let alone clean, running water and Internet.

For those of you who have texted me, please call or email. I am over my limit for text messages and am not going to respond via that method anymore.

We are going away this weekend to the Washington County Fair. We are tired of cleaning and sitting around, so this seemed like a nice way to get in a mini-vacation before work and school starts up again (most likely, anyway) on Monday.

We still have houseguests, as Punkin's BFF and her mom don't have power at their house. I know they are itching to get back to more familiar territory. Being displaced, even if you have comfy accomodations, is not fun.

I am so, so thankful for my spoiled rotten life. I really am!


creechman said...

Have fun at the fair.

Bubba's Sis said...